An Urban Prototype :
From Virtual to Real

How is it possible to find a way to translate Music into Feelings, Colors and Forms but not just with classical methods that had been experienced a lot before, but a way more mentally and in the relation with emotions, weather, mental images and so on?
Most importantly is to have a deep understanding of what landscape design is; get rid of old and rusty thoughts that think of landscape just as greenings, paths, waterfalls and so on; and accept the fact that even a sigle stone can be an outstanding landscape architecture when it has a meaning, purpose and thought behind it.
As conclusion, the uniqueness of this design process, was to make an intelligent prototype that can adapt itself anywhere in the world and still answers to all the problems. The modular form and the energy consuming considerations make this prototype also a sustainable landscape element for future.
Most importantly, the form and the structure of this prototype express a sense of motion, or better to say, sense of musical flow, and is the best solutin to be used as flow seperators in cities.

From Berlin to Seoul
From Germany to South Korea
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Urban Installation
Conceptual Design

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