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Video Installation (In between realities)

„...Everything is a dream, when we’re awake, we’re in one kind of dream, when we’re asleep we’re in another dream. The difference is that we control our day-dream and the dream that comes at night controls us !“
The purpose of this project was to change the perception of spaces we live in, in a way that their borders between reality and dream fade away. The borders between our affected perception of reality and what reality truly is. Light, scale, depth of field and so on affect our perception of the spaces around us. With little changes of these parameters we can achieve new realities.
With other words, It has been tried to integrate the viewer and the space in one single reality. Then you are not anymore in the space, but you are space yourself. For this purpose the installation couldn't be static but must have been dynamic. That means, the conditions and characteristics which define the space must be adapted with different situations in the space. But nevertheless many of these conditions stay always the same. The forms and parameters which had been collected in the first phase of the project, has been again with new medias and tools reproduced, but this time completely in an interactive way.

Berlin, Germany
Video Art

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