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Film Factory
Master Thesis
Städelschule Architecture Class

Can Architecture continue to relate to material space of building and cities, when this space is dissolving into a flux? How do flows address architecture and urban design? How do the liquid boundaries become formation system of flows? In Data time of nowadays there is no Border between the spaces, qualities and functions. The space dissolves in liquid border of information and there is ultimate limit for this. Inhabited space becomes crystalized and stands in network of ephemeral envelopes. The Building is about choreographing the Screens, Screens as a shifting border between the reality and images. Sometimes they follow you..they change direction.. they disappear or multiply, and by this they spatialize the spaces. Through the process of creation of these screens building consists of 4 platforms that open up the site through the loop path of Urban Activities, information and data area, Studios and production area and showrooms . So the site platform begin to shift and opens up through different direction and different capacity of the space and create layers of borders that they drown together through growing the sub spaces by the formation system of section sequences to spatialize the liquid condition of the field.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Architectural Design
Conceptual Design

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