Children Museum
Karaj, Iran
Architectural Design
Conceptual Design

Childhood is the period that we all have experienced.  Even if now this experience seems to be unconscious but in that period, it has been gained consciously with a creative and curious mind and its present aspects are now obvious in our lives.
Several definitions of this period defined each of these periods with some limitations, such as age, mental, physical and other limitations. But the reality is that every human child is so clearly defined in a particular way. Some have gone through this period and forgotten .and some live in their childhood forever. Here the concept of childhood doesn’t mean ignorance and lack of logic and maturity. It is for mind freedom, desire for prosperity, and the pureness of human inner conscious. The Factors are got forgotten or eliminated over the time, by old habits and beliefs, different shapes and positions. The aim is to give the opportunity of mind freedom to the children and let the child inside of the every human experience it again.
To create such a chance, some factors are needed to build the foundation of these experiences.  The nature is the first teacher of humans and they attained these experiences through contact with the nature.  With the development of cities and accumulation of construction and the increase of population, less space is left for people to feel the nature freely away from the urban chaos and to learn from it. The laws that exist in nature are the factors that let these experiences to be extended. Children should be able to discover these laws by themselves. All the elements in Nature around us have their own properties. We profit by these characteristics and the child understands them with his senses and experiences. This may lead the child to the recognition of the environment.
This project tries to make diversity of experiences by the characteristic of different factors such as light, color, voice, water, soil, geometry etc. in different spaces that can be informative, entertaining and attractive for children. On the other hand our goal is “Child Museum”, where childhood atmosphere existed and we have to recreate this. So we should pass through the filter and enter the simple and also complicated world of children. The masses should be measured with the children scale; The height should be evaluated with children’s power of understanding. We should think the way they think and feel the way they feel and thousands of other events that are not predictable.

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