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Bamiyan Cultural Centre
Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Architectural Design,
Landscape Design
Competition Entry

Whe idea of designing Bamiyan cultural center was creating an integrated space between national Afghan culture and its unique nature. As a cultural symbol, we took the most famous Afghans’ music instrument, known as Rubab. Influenced by the wonderful nature of Bamiyan, this element took an architectural definition that represents the synthesis of Afghan humanity and the modern ongoing peaceful development in Afghanistan. The proposed design will hopefully create multifunctional basis for different kind of activities, both for the local residents and international visitors.
By using the traditional construction and architectural typologies, and mixing it with modern structural and spatial systems, we tried to reach the highest level of interaction in-between the spaces. The mixture of Afghan and modern architecture, will help the project to be recognized internationally, and that will lead to more familiarity with the new democratic Afghan society.
The dual formation of the buildings, which are connected through a transparent bridge, produce an interior association between the educational-administrative area and exhibition area, and exterior linkage between north and south open spaces. The bridge somehow spatializes the circulation, with its panoramic view to Bamiyan Valley, and also is utilized as a temporary exhibition space. This creates an informative space, exposing the temporary data of exhibitions and the historical heritage in background.
The site is accessible from a main entrance in south east, and then distributes the flow either to the upper level –educational-administrative spaces-, or to the lower level –exhibition and performance hall- with descending ramps and stairs. Moreover, all interior spaces are also accessible by ramps for disabled visitors. This high level of accessibility produce a democratic space, with a flowing circulation without any dead-ends.
The whole concept creates a vital, recreational and info-productive space, which serves the community in a democratic and beautiful environment; and fulfills the sustainability criteria.

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